About Us

Since it's inception, TOICO Industries has been dedicated to the portable sanitation industry. We have worked diligently to make the job of the portable restroom operator easier. We have tailored our product line to meet the unique needs of portable sanitation operators. We offer two locations in order to provide fast and reliable service to customers throughout the country.

Mission Statement

We are continually working towards providing the best possible products and services to this unique industry. We are excited about the new restroom skid and toolbox tanks that we have rolled out in the last year and are looking forward to developing new and innovative products to better serve our customers. We love to hear from our customers and what we can do better and what you think could bring value to the industry.

With the changes we have made this year and with our commitment to provide you with the most knowledgeable and friendly service in the industry, we hope you will make TOICO Industries you one-stop shop for portable restroom parts, supplies, hose, valves, vacuum and water pumps and vac truck parts.