60 Gallon Aluminum Compact Vacuum Tank


The Condé® ProVac Unit is an industrial liquid pumping system that is ideal for pumping grease traps. The ProVac is extremely quiet and pumps at an incredible 120 gallons per minute. A simple flip of the switch starts the ProVac in vacuum mode for pumping. A built-in exhaust deodorizer keeps odor at a minimum. Simply flip the switch to the pressure mode for offloading.

The Condé® ProVac Industrial Pumpout Station is an intelligent pumping solution for locations not suitable for large vacuum truck hoses. Ideal for the indoor/remote tough-to-get-to jobs. Easy to maneuver, easy to use, easy to maintain and built to last. The unit includes; 25' retractable cord reel, 2" x 10' Plastiflex® suction hose with a wand, hose rack and tool holder and 6" cleanouts, top and bottom.

Technical Specifications:
Dimensions: 24" Wide X 50" Length X 45" Tall
Weight: 250 Lbs.
Finish: Satin, Aluminum
Operating Pressure: 5 PSI
Motor: 1.5 HP, 110V, 13.4 FLA
Pump: Condé® ProVac 3, 35 CFM
Operating Vacuum: 16" Hg.
Tank Volume @ Shut Off: 52 gallons
Pull Down Time: 12 Seconds
Intake Flow Rate: 120 Gal/min.
Noise Level: 69dBA @ 10FT

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